Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Level: Beginner
Date Created: December 17, 2010
Length of Class: 75 Minutes

Cloud and Virtual Computing

Purpose of Class

This class introduces students to the world of Cloud Computing and explains that Cloud Computing is more then Virtualization.

Introduction (00:00)
Web Applications (06:51)
Clustering (09:26)
Terminal Services (16:26)
Application Servers (25:13)
Virtualization (30:00)
Hosted Instances (44:05)
Hosted Solutions (54:41)
Public vs. Private Clouds (58:06)
Final Thoughts (60:00)
Class Notes

Cloud Computing is a design philosophy that breaks the Operating System and Applications from the Hardware
Web Applications
Are Created in Web Programming Languages
Generally Use Databases to Store Data
Are Generally Used for Database Servers (MySQL, Microsoft Active Directory)
Load is balanced between servers in a cluster. If one server fails the cluster responds by not sending traffic to it.
Servers maintain the same data by using replication
Terminal Services
Based off of old Mainframe and Dumb Terminal Architecture
Now You Use Terminal Services Servers and Thin Clients
Thin Clients can be Hardware Devices or Software installed on a computer
All processing happens on Terminal Services Server and the Thin Client simply gets a “Window” into the server.
Application Servers
Uses Terminal Services but instead of providing a full Environment it only delivers a specific Application.
Uses Desktop Clients Software or Hypervisors to allow you to install multiple Operating Systems on to one physical server.
i. Hypervisor is installed on the physical hardware to support the Operating Systems, and Management Software is used to configure each Virtual Machine, or Instance.
ii. VMWare uses ESXi as the Hypervisor and vSphere for the Management Software
Hosted Instances
Examples: Amazon EC2 , Microsft Azure
You Pay for Use (Storage Amount, CPU Power, RAM, Bandwidth)
Edge Locations are used by some providers to allow for faster access to servers over the Internet. You may be charged to send data from the main servers to the Edge Servers
Hosted Solutions
Are pieces of software that are hosted by vendors using the Cloud (Hosted Exchange, Google Docs, Adobe, Mozy)
Public vs. Private Clouds
The Public Cloud is Cloud Computing used from Online Vendors
Private Clouds are environments on business/organization property that use Cloud Technologies.
Final Thoughts….
Security… Most Small Business Security is poor. Security for most small to medium sized business will be better when systems are hosted in the cloud
Local and Internet Bandwidth becomes more important with Cloud Computing. Even on the LAN you may end using all of your bandwidth.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
MySQL Cluster



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